About Me

Hello! And, thanks for dropping by! I am a 34 year-old corporate real estate professional, who has literally seen my ups and downs in this weight loss game. Project Paula is my stance to finally focus on ME! Here, I wish to document the steps that I take to improve my health, reclaim my body, and mantain success. An online journal, chronicling my journey to achieving my weight loss, fitness and health goals!

As with any "project," one must research, develop a strategy, implement, measure/assess, adjust and ensure that you stay aligned with the mission. I will use the same approach. So, get ready for random thoughts and rants - in the form of blog posts, weekly weigh-ins, an occasional vlog, grocery hauls, meals, workout scenery, product reviews and more. All summed up to amazing, mind-blowing excitement! Or not. No promises, people.

- XO Paula