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If you're like me, you've been adhering to CDC guidelines or your state's mandates by embracing being #AloneTogether, during this unprecedented Coronavirus pandemic. Outside of a few strategically-timed trips to the grocery store and strolls around my neighborhood. I recently shared with my Instagram pals that as an introvert/recluse, I was truly built for this! While it's been a very interesting and uncertain time, it's on each of us to stop/slow the disease by staying safe and staying at home. I digress...

Needless to say, and consistent with all the hilarious memes and posts I've seen, many of us in the locked-down community have a lot more time on our hands. Personally, I'm looking at this as an opportunity to improve some things in my life, with those extra minutes. I'm not talking about changing the world per se, but where it is within my power to make self-improvements or start planning for a future after this is all said and done.

One thing that has really taken me by pleasant surprise throughout all of this is how many major corporations and brands are making it easier for those who now have little-to-no income or those of us who have to rethink some of our expenses and tighten up budgets - to benefit from their services. It's a genius marketing strategy and really shows you another side to "big business." Check out a few of the below, FREE offerings that I came across recently:

I was introduced to the Hiitide wellness app platform during a 2019 weight loss challenge led by one of my favorite diet authors (Dr. Ian Smith, who is releasing a book tomorrow, that I'll most certainly be reviewing!). I received an email from them and was excited to take them up on their challenge to improve by at least 1% during the program and this pandemic. Details:

In the wake of the current quarantine, we are all experiencing a new way of life. From this experience, Hiitide has created a FREE, STRONGER TOGETHER program to help keep things exciting and you making progress toward your goals. We wanted to provide more structure and accountability to ensure we're all making the most of this time. In this FREE 6-week program, you'll have access to:

1. Progressive at-home with min equipment
2. Basic level, 60-minute yoga classes with our favorite instructors :)
3. Mobility sessions to keep your joints healthy during this stationary period
4. Breathwork and meditation for daily stress relief
5. Journal prompts to "check-in with yourself and loved ones."
6. Healthy, quarantine-friendly low-calorie recipes
7. TEDtalks or podcasts that will introduce new perspectives
8. A private community of individuals to experience it with…

Full disclosure, I first went to PF's website to see how I could cancel or freeze my "Black Card" membership since all of their locations are temporarily closed. I mean, it's only $20 a month - but, hey, anything I can keep in my bank account, the better. A quick search revealed that they had preemptively frozen all membership fees for current members. Even better, they were advertising free, no equipment needed at-home workouts/ins for both members and non-members on their Facebook page. You can catch them live, or watch replays. Some workouts are advanced, while others are low-impact, giving much-needed variety to viewers. Get moving with PF trainers and surprise celebrity guests for a 20 minute or less workout to relieve stress and stay active!

Through July 2020

If your university, school, or workplace education program has been affected by COVID-19, Sophia is here to help. Or, if you have some free time and just want to brush up on college learning in the new decade - here's your chance! Sophia is offering free access to ACE (American Council on Education) - recommended courses for college credit until July 31, 2020. The courses range in curriculums from Business, Humanities, English, Communications, Math, and even Science. These self-paced courses are accepted for credit by many institutions and provide a fresh and fun learning environment. Oh, and all learning materials are included; it's web-based, so no books or book fees.

Through April 2020

If you're looking to take up a new hobby (or refine an old one) right now, Nikon has you covered. The camera company is offering online photography classes for free throughout the rest of April, so your Instagram game is about to get way more impressive. The online courses usually range from $15 to $50 per class, but Nikon made them free to encourage everyone to "make the most of our times at home." All you have to do to get started is sign up with your first name, last name, an email, and your country. Then, you'll have access to stream each of the 10 available classes for free.

I hope these are helpful! I'll update as I find more opportunities to learn and grow, while staying at home! :)

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