Tuesday, November 28, 2017


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Monday, November 6, 2017
Day two in hospital lock-up. I was over it!
The last time I had any online presence, I was so close to ONEderland. Then something happened. Then  I  happened. Story of my life, right? Since July, 2017 I have  1) experienced a significant health scare with a Multiple Sclerosis attack and hospitalization 2) fell into deep depression as a result 3) and gained nearly 40 pounds back. No matter how frustrated I am, not matter who or what is to blame, I must take full responsibility and get my whole life back in order.

Current Weight: 236.6lbs

What I'm doing today:
I am simply going back to basics; walking daily, eating more plant-based than not (even incorporated green smoothies), lots of water, and writing it all down. I hope to update here, weekly, and vlog periodically.

Time to re-start. Time to get it done. I will not leave 2017 the same way I came in. Nope.