Whole 30 and a Whole Summer '16!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016
So, it's been a while. The last year (and some change) have been very interesting. In a good way. However, I've reached a point. A point of fatigue. A boiling point of frustration. With no one but myself to point a chubby finger at. It's Summer '16 and I'm dealing with the same issues of yo-yoing and obesity, since I was actually 16! It has to stop... NOW! If not now, when? So...

The Plan:              Whole30 (real food, minus grains, legumes, dairy, alcohol), MyFitnessPal
The Workout:       Walking/Jogging, Orange Theory (Circuit) Fitness
The Motivation:   Wellness, Family Planning :o), Summer '17 Twerk Contests

Starting Weight:    246.4

I certainly plan to keep this blog updated with my renewed journey; good or bad. Don't you worry. While, hopefully, sharing a bit more than just numbers. So, here I go.

Again! ;o)

P.S. Here's to a Summer when I don't wear signature black, everytime I go out! Geesh.