Back*ish | 4.26.15 Weigh-In

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Well, well, welllll... what do we have here?! Ummm, just me. I'm back with a weigh-in (it had to be done) and a promise to make updates; good, bad, or ugly at the very least - every other week. A lot has changed in my life, from my career to personal relationships... but one thing remains the same... my need to get to my weight loss and fitness goals! I'll be back to share a bit more on how I plan to regain my focus as I charge into 30! Years, although, I'd take a 30 inch waist too! Chat with you all soon! No, really.

Starting:                        227
Last:                             198.6
Current:                       213.8
7-Month +/-:                +5.2
Total +/-:                      -13.8
Starting Dress Size:     18/20
Current Dress Size:     16/18

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