A Fat Girl and Her FitBit

Monday, September 1, 2014

There is nothing like the pride of telling someone about the ins and outs of your wearable fitness tech! It is a big deal! That is, unless the inquiry comes simultaneous to being handed an order of potato skins, through your driver side window - in the parking lot of your local Max & Erma's. #curbsideisthedevil Apparently, the hostess who is getting her steps in by walking to cars to deliver high-calorie joy, is curious as to where to find her very own. I was so close to unhooking mine and giving it to her, for free. I would even throw in the car charger. And, the 10-pack of interchangeable, colored bands.

Or, going on a fitness and/or journey hiatus and keeping those 50-11 apps on your phone. Swiping past them and clearing their weekly reminders that pretty much sound like, "Oh, hey, girl.... we know you see us!"

Tools are useless to those not in the mindset to use them. Najiramba. I am was the type of person who bought things to get inspired. My FitBit was the result of one of those moments. 'This is all that I need to really push me!' Yeah. Right. I now realize that no matter how much money, and mobile data I throw at a problem, it will not be solved until I take the initiative to use those resources as an added benefit, not motivation.

Yo, my Amazon cart of workout clothes and new tennis shoes were looking good. I woke up this morning and went on a remove-from-cart-spree. You will never see that promotion on the front page.

In this reveal, I hope to go forward with my September plans - using tools that I already have. Which, don't get me wrong, is extensive. From DVDs, books, to adjustable barbells, BOSU, bands... I mean... If I really did inventory - it would be almost shameful. And, hey, if there really is something that could enhance the awesome work I plan on doing in September, then cool. But, it's time to start putting my faith in me, in how much I say I want this. And, not putting so much interest, and heck, distraction... on objects. 

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