Make Way for the Queen, Sirs! WEIGH-IN + WEEKLY RE-CAP!

Sunday, December 8, 2013
The method...

I absolutely love this 3-1-2-1 plan! As someone who likes to eat sweets, a few fried things and have other flexibility in my intake, it surely works. Eating clean, and a little restrictive was cool - knowing that in just a few days, I could have a few things not on plan. I know it's like dangling a prize in someone's face - until they get to a finish line; but hey, whatever works. I know it's mental, and one day I won't even fathom "cheating," but I'm starting from scratch, people. And for someone who is not 'EAT CLEAN ALL DAY EVERY DAY, SON!' (never will be) it helps. I will be writing a complete review of this plan, after my initial 21 days.

The food...

So, I'm still dining out. Here's the thing... being social always translates to food. Why is that?! "Let's catch up, wanna grab lunch?" "I have something I want you to look over. Meet me for dinner, my treat."  My way to combat that is choosing better menu items, cleaner items.... and sometimes I fail. But, I scaled back. I've been packing my breakfast and some lunches and drinking all and even more of the water I set for myself. I know I can do better, but I'm definitely not disappointed.

Jason's Deli Salad Bar - Friday's Lunch
Jason's Deli Pot Roast Melt w/ Rippled Potato Chips - Friday's Lunch
Bolthouse Farms Green Goodness + Daily Greens Mix - Weekday Breakfast 
Boston's Fish Tacos and Sweet Potato Fries - Thursday's Lunch
Chipotle Chicken Salad - Saturday's Lunch  
Grocery Mini Haul - Sunday's Gatherings
Broccoli w/ Ranch, Graham Cracker Sticks w/ PB, Applesauce Cup, Mixed Berries, Green Smoothie and Chicken Noodle Soup - Tuesday's Breakfast/Lunch Pail Food Stuff 
Starbucks Orange Mango Smoothie - Wednesday's PM Snack
Pepperidge Farm GingerMan Homestyle Cookies - Snacks

The workouts...

I killed in the weight room, this week. Okay, maybe it was minor assault. But, still. I was super nervous. Why? No darn clue. Well, I did feel like the fattest girl in the gym. It wasn't just in my head, I literally was. After getting past that - I had to let the guys taking up all the good weights know that the queen had arrived and to make way. They didn't. So, I spent the first day on the empty weight machines, instead. A great way to warm up. But, this week... I have my heart set on those free weights. Barbells. Dead lifting, squats... I'm getting excited just thinking about it. They will recognize me. I have weight gloves, they have to know I'm serious... this time.

Lat Pull Down Break Pic
Saturday's Snow Trek (1.5mi. / Pace: 17:16) I didn't fall once, whoot!

The weigh in...

- 2.2lbs for the week! 23.3lbs total!

Hope you all are well. Starting this blog has helped me to meet and even reconnect with some great peeps! Thanks for reading my ramblings. It's so appreciated!



  1. You are my hero! I am glad you're back and knocking these weigh ins out the park. You're doing it and you should be proud! #DontCallitAComeback ;o)

  2. Yessss! You are in ONEderland's drive way! Ha! Keep it up!

  3. "They will recognize me" LOL! I can lift very heavy and have been doing so for years. But I am SO uncomfortable when I do my lifts at my local big box gym instead of my CrossFit gym. I don't know what it is, but I feel like people are staring and me and thinking I shouldn't be there. I wish it were more normal to see "regular" girls of all sizes doing standard lifts with the free weights. I either see women doing 100 bicep curls with 2lb dumbbells or Oxygen-magazine cloned physique competitors who just make me feel inadequate because I don't look like that. There is an in-between somewhere!

    And I so agree about how social often translates to food. Those are tricky waters to navigate!

    Good job on the loss!