A re-cap, WEIGH-IN, and new diet plan... walk into a barbell.

Sunday, December 1, 2013
Down 4.6 more pounds! 21 total. 6.1 away from ONEDERLAND! But, enough about me...

I Kindled (do we say this?) The Biggest Loser trainer, Dolvett Quince's, '3-1-2-1 Diet.' It may appear as though I have a thing for fine, bald, Black men (hey, Dr. Ian!). But, it's merely a coincidence. Mind you, the Mr. is neither - but he's adorned (hey, honey!). Moving along...

So far, it's a great read. The approach is practical, yet innovative. Eat "clean" for 3 days, "cheat" for 1, go back to "clean" for 2 days, then "cheat" again. That was like the super, dumbed-down synopsis. You're welcome. In a sense, it helps someone starting off, or one who merely struggles with sticking to a diet. *clears throat* It also triggers the shock value of your body, keeping it guessing by switching up your routine. Which, in return, keeps that metab revved. So, I'm going to try it for a week and see how it rocks out.
Chilli was a fool, to not want him!
The food...

I've been a little all over the place, lately. Making healthy choices, here and there but got back to dining out too much. One dinner turned into a lunch, the next day and then a McDonald's breakfast. I'm reeling it in, though. Back to saving cals and moulah.

Thanksgiving Dinner; Candied Yams, Mac & Cheese (yes, the kind you cut), Greens w/ 'Hock, Stuffing and Turkey 

Max & Erma's Turkey Burger - Wednesday's Lunch

DiGorno Pepperoni Indy Pizza , Tea in a red wine glass, 'cause I'm fancy. - Monday's Dinner

Kashi Dark Almond Mocha Granola - Wednesday's AM Snack

Bolthouse Juices - 2nd Breakfast Item

Chic-Fil-A Chicken Tortilla Soup - Not Sunday's Dinner

Whole Grain Crackers + PB - Tuesday's Snack

Whole Grain Crackers + Applesauce - Sunday's Snack

Kroger Brown Rice, Cali Rolls - Monday's Dinner

The workout...

Aside from a few walks... low intensity, there hasn't been much on the workout front. There's something about an annual freeze over the city that keeps me grounded. I know, excuses... but, that's my past and...


My gym bag is packed, and on the doorknob. I WILL be returning (after many months) to the weight room. This should be interesting. There may or may not be tears.

Happy December, y'all!



  1. Congrats, lady! Despite your "imperfect" ness. You're losing and keeping it real with you. I heard about the book, may give it a try. I'm holing out for Dr. Ian's new one at the end of the month. Have you heard of it?

  2. loving the new blog, lady. missed your take on the "journey." still hilarious! looking forward to your progress. You got it this time!