Monday, November 4, 2013
Weigh-Day. Almost 15 pounds lost! I'm also nearing my first major goal; ONEderland!

Welp, this was truly 'one of those' weeks. Sparing a long, drawn out synopsis (mostly because I haven't slept in nearly 3 days, and my alarm is set for a 6am workout). Here's the deal:

The workout...

Workouts this week included walking during my lunch break - on days it didn't rain. I've been averaging a 20 minute pace, 30 minute duration. I took a break from the bike, but will be back to it this week. Oh, and I moved 16 boxes, this weekend. And helped hoist a couch and love seat. Needless to say; I feel like I was hit by a slow moving minivan. But, my calorie burn made it worth it. Ouch. I guess.

And... now that working out is getting to be a little easier for me - in my effort at least - I'm eager to challenge myself, a bit more. Starting this, tomorrow, with a friend. The Supreme 90-Day workout. Or, as I like to call it - The po' man's P90X. It still seems intense, so I'm going to modify when needed and see how I like it. Mind you, I bought this over a year ago; It was in my fitness DVD graveyard box, in the closet.Yes, the one in the back.

The food....

Nothing to see here. No, really... no pictures this week. But, I am proud to say, I stayed within my calorie goals for the week. It was tough, given that I love sweets and Halloween was being recognized EVERYWHERE. But no candy corn formed against me... prospered.

So yeah... looking forward to the week ahead. I'm home, and back to normalcy-ish. Have a great one, all!



  1. I have the Supreme 90 Day system, somewhere around my house LOL. Good luck with it, looking forward to hearing about your progress. I migh just crack mine open.

    And I have to send a resounding CONGRATS on the weight you've lost since starting over! Keep at it!

    1. Thanks, Vicki! Day 1 was... whew, but I'm going to keep at it, lol.