Out of control.

Saturday, November 16, 2013
Casual Friday selfie, officially back in my 16/18s (from 18/20)!
Down 2 more pounds, yet I have been struggling. No, not with my diet or workout plan - but, with stress. If it's not a deadline looming over my head, it's a family crisis or a personal one. All of which lands on moi. As my dear friend says, "Keep me near the cross!" Whew!

When I feel like I control little, and am merely reacting to life's demands - I focus on what I do have pure control over. And you already know what I'm about to say... FOOD. An odd empowerment gesture, eh? Binge eating (actually defined as a loss of control) solves no problems. But, damn it if it doesn't, for a moment, feel as if it does. These past few weeks were different, however. I didn't stick strictly to "plan," (do I ever?) but I didn't let my wellness journey go by the wayside amidst the low-budget reality show I was going through.

I'm going to keep trucking. Because, in fact, I DO have pure control over something else; getting healthier and losing this weight!


The food...

Mini Grocery Haul = Produce, Snacks, Lunch + Breakfast Goods
I need more veggies. Or ways to slyly sneak them into my meals. Yes, I know I'm 28 and not 8 - but, I'm thinking about juicing for a bit. We'll see.

Also, daily, before I leave for work, I send myself an email; accessible on all of my devices to remind myself of when I need to eat and what. Weekly preparation wasn't working for me, the daily approach is much more suitable. It allows me to not have to deviate too much, if events or other plans arise.

Daily Format Screenshot

Cream of Wheat, Almond Milk, Strawberries - Monday's Breakfast

Sushi Rolls, Cucumber Slices - Monday's Lunch

Kiwi Fruit w/ Chopsticks (#missingforkstruggle) -Tuesday's Snack

Special K Protein Shake (French Vanilla), Globe Grapes - Wednesday's Breakfast

Campbell's Beef + Veggie Soup, Whole Grain Ritz Crackers - Wednesday's Lunch

Fruit Cup, Chix Ceasar Salad Wrap - Thursday's Lunch

The workout...

I told you the last time we chatted, that I was going to start the Supreme 90 Day workout. Yeah, about that... too advanced for my current physical abilities. I tried and will continue to modify until I can follow what they're doing. But, I darn near killed myself, and my cat - trying to do all that hopping around.

And update on returning to the gym = I walked over at lunch with a friend, to our corporate gym to make sure our accounts were still active. After so long, you have to re-apply to gain access. We made it. We hadn't totally been shunned. Going on Monday, after work to hit the weights. It's time.

120 stairs to my floor, at work. At least twice a day. Medic! Security! Beyoncé? 

Monday, November 4, 2013
Weigh-Day. Almost 15 pounds lost! I'm also nearing my first major goal; ONEderland!

Welp, this was truly 'one of those' weeks. Sparing a long, drawn out synopsis (mostly because I haven't slept in nearly 3 days, and my alarm is set for a 6am workout). Here's the deal:

The workout...

Workouts this week included walking during my lunch break - on days it didn't rain. I've been averaging a 20 minute pace, 30 minute duration. I took a break from the bike, but will be back to it this week. Oh, and I moved 16 boxes, this weekend. And helped hoist a couch and love seat. Needless to say; I feel like I was hit by a slow moving minivan. But, my calorie burn made it worth it. Ouch. I guess.

And... now that working out is getting to be a little easier for me - in my effort at least - I'm eager to challenge myself, a bit more. Starting this, tomorrow, with a friend. The Supreme 90-Day workout. Or, as I like to call it - The po' man's P90X. It still seems intense, so I'm going to modify when needed and see how I like it. Mind you, I bought this over a year ago; It was in my fitness DVD graveyard box, in the closet.Yes, the one in the back.

The food....

Nothing to see here. No, really... no pictures this week. But, I am proud to say, I stayed within my calorie goals for the week. It was tough, given that I love sweets and Halloween was being recognized EVERYWHERE. But no candy corn formed against me... prospered.

So yeah... looking forward to the week ahead. I'm home, and back to normalcy-ish. Have a great one, all!