Checking In.

Sunday, October 13, 2013
Dang. This comeback is tough. In these last few weeks, I have realized that I am certifiably out of shape. I mean, I knew it... but when you try to walk up 5 flights of stairs, and in between consciousness breaths... wonder whether the person you settled to take custody of your cat, in the event of a tragedy, was the best choice - it's gotten entirely real. It has to be done, though. The pain, the fatigue, the sweat and tears (oh yeah, Sistah Gurl cries) is the result of my actions.

The workout...
I know that this go-round, I want to enlist the help of physical activities that I actually enjoy. One thing I have found a love for is riding my bike! Inspired by a good friend, who rides... I finally got my own. Never mind the fact that said bike fits into the backseat of my car (#petiteproblems). After that first week of insurmountable discomfort o_O, my body started to adjust. And, I believe I can still have children.

"Goosey" x  Rich St. Bridge x Downtown Columbus, Ohio.

I also need to make my way over to our free corporate gym to make sure my badge still works. I live in Ohio, and Winters can be so unkind. So, for days when biking, walking or jogging is not an option - I can literally cross a street to work out at that full-faceted fitness facility. Free weight options are crazy, too. But, we'll get to that when I'm mentally prepared to hit the weight room, again.

The food...
I give myself points for making better choices, this week. For instance, for dinner tonight, I had a Chipotle Bowl. BUT, I totally opted out of adding sour cream and did not get chips. Saved quite a few hundred calories, and I still enjoyed! I have also been reintroducing fresh fruits and veggies to my meals. Oddly, I actually missed it! I'm eating plums at work, asking them... 'why did I ever forsake you?'

Chipotle Chicken Burrito Bowl (veggies, cheese, chix, white rice) - Sunday's Dinner

Garden Veggie Salad from work cafeteria - Wednesday's Lunch

Cream of Wheat (Almond Milk Vanilla, 2tbs Sugar), Plum - Monday's Breakfast

Cucumbers, Baby Carrots and Ranch Cup - Thursday's Snack

Fruit, Special K French Vanilla Protein Shake - Tuesday's Breakfast

The summary...
I am losing weight. 2.4lbs total, 1.2lbs, this week. But, not nearly as much, nor as quickly as I know I can - so it's muting my excitement. While I am elated it's not a gain, which has been my trend all year, I need to do better. Specifically, I need to do both - eat right and exercise!

Until next week, peeps, let's make it a great one!



  1. I can't begin to explain how good it is to see you blogging again Ms. Paula!! I missed your take on things, especially as it relates to your wellness journey. You got this girl! I know it's hard getting back on it, but you know you can do it and so do we! And congrats on getting the scale to move in the right direction and doing it the right way.

  2. Keep trucking, missy! I'm trying to get the motivation to get back on it, too. :)