Starting Anew.

Sunday, October 6, 2013
Today, I start over. Today, I stick to it. Today, I commit to win... for ME!


What is Project | Paula?

It is an online journal, chronicling my journey to achieving and maintaining my weight loss, fitness and health goals! As with any project, one must research, plan, assess and streamline methods, brainstorm, adjust, measure and relentlessly stay aligned with the mission. I will use the same approach. So, get ready for random thoughts and rants - in the form of blog posts, weekly weigh-ins, an occasional vlog, grocery hauls, meals, workout scenery, and me. All summed up to amazing, mind-blowing excitement! Or not. No promises, people.

What is the plan?

I respect the philosophies presented by Dr. Ian Smith (author of The Fat Smash Diet, The Shred Diet, i.e.). I am also intrigued by Paleo eating, CrossFit, pole dancing, BeachBody's Insanity, aerial fabrics fitness, running  and... well... it's safe to say I have not settled on any single meal, nor workout plan. And honestly, I doubt I ever will. I get bored easily. And I don't care much for strict rules. But for now, my approach will be the following, basic platform; tracking everything, calorie counting and staying active! Simple enough, right?

Daily goals | Diet
  • 1,500 calories
  • 100oz of water
  • At least 7 servings of fruits and vegetables
  • Cooking, and packing lunches; dining out limited to 2x a week 
Daily goals | Fitness
  • Minimum 1 hour of exercise, weight lifting, biking, walk/jogging 5x a week

What does success look like?

I am still trying to figure this out. I, of course have a weight goal; 120-130lb range. Which has been my goal since forever and a day. But, aside from the scale... I want to be stronger. I want to possess the physical strength necessary to run a full marathon or walk in heels. Most importantly, success looks like consistency. And, ultimately, success looks like long-term maintenance.

What is so different about this time?

I could go on an exhaustive tangent about how I'm different now. I'm older. I'm wiser. I'm happier. I'm more informed. Still not taller, but you get the point. The real difference, is that there is none.  I will still face the same challenges, as before - even some new ones. But, instead of running away and into the loving arms of a bag of yummy, greasy, salty Classic Lays chips, I'll handle it (word to Olivia Pope) appropriately and keep my healthy-minded cool.

Here we go...



  1. <3 ... Best wishes to you! You got this girl!

  2. So excited. Imma try to be right with you.

  3. Thanks, Tierra! And thank you, Inez! =) There's no better time to start over, than now.

  4. Glad I found your blog, at the same time I needed a little motivation myself - excited and looking forward to reading about your challenges and success. RM

  5. Hello, Raw-Mama! Thank you so much! I'm happy to be sharing and greatly appreciate the support!