Tuesday, November 28, 2017


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Monday, November 6, 2017
Day two in hospital lock-up. I was over it!
The last time I had any online presence, I was so close to ONEderland. Then something happened. Then  I  happened. Story of my life, right? Since July, 2017 I have  1) experienced a significant health scare with a Multiple Sclerosis attack and hospitalization 2) fell into deep depression as a result 3) and gained nearly 40 pounds back. No matter how frustrated I am, not matter who or what is to blame, I must take full responsibility and get my whole life back in order.

Current Weight: 236.6lbs

What I'm doing today:
I am simply going back to basics; walking daily, eating more plant-based than not (even incorporated green smoothies), lots of water, and writing it all down. I hope to update here, weekly, and vlog periodically.

Time to re-start. Time to get it done. I will not leave 2017 the same way I came in. Nope.


4.9.17 Weight Loss Journey | Update and Weigh-Ins!)

Monday, April 10, 2017
Hey, Y'all!

How has my renewed weight loss journey been going? Well, check the below updates! Spoiler Alert: I'm back in the 220's! =o)

Week 3: 

Week 2: 


Re-Starting Weight (3.19): 245.4lbs
Current Weight: 229.2.4lbs
Change: -16.2lbs

One week in, and I've got good news! | 3.26.17 Weigh In, The How and the Why?

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Week one, done! I will admit, it was not easy, but I made a lot more better choices, than I did wrong ones. This week, I recap what I'm doing to lose this weight, and most importantly... WHY!

Excuse the shaky camera, and horrid lighting, I was in a rush and didn't want the day to end without sharing. I promise to up the quality next week. ;o) Have a great week, everyone!

Re-Starting Weight (3.19):  245.4lbs
Current Weight: 239.4lbs
Change: -6lbs

Don't Call it a Comeback... Or, do?

Monday, March 20, 2017

Starting: 245.4
Starting Dress Size: 22/24

Whole 30 and a Whole Summer '16!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016
So, it's been a while. The last year (and some change) have been very interesting. In a good way. However, I've reached a point. A point of fatigue. A boiling point of frustration. With no one but myself to point a chubby finger at. It's Summer '16 and I'm dealing with the same issues of yo-yoing and obesity, since I was actually 16! It has to stop... NOW! If not now, when? So...

The Plan:              Whole30 (real food, minus grains, legumes, dairy, alcohol), MyFitnessPal
The Workout:       Walking/Jogging, Orange Theory (Circuit) Fitness
The Motivation:   Wellness, Family Planning :o), Summer '17 Twerk Contests

Starting Weight:    246.4

I certainly plan to keep this blog updated with my renewed journey; good or bad. Don't you worry. While, hopefully, sharing a bit more than just numbers. So, here I go.

Again! ;o)

P.S. Here's to a Summer when I don't wear signature black, everytime I go out! Geesh.


Back*ish | 4.26.15 Weigh-In

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Well, well, welllll... what do we have here?! Ummm, just me. I'm back with a weigh-in (it had to be done) and a promise to make updates; good, bad, or ugly at the very least - every other week. A lot has changed in my life, from my career to personal relationships... but one thing remains the same... my need to get to my weight loss and fitness goals! I'll be back to share a bit more on how I plan to regain my focus as I charge into 30! Years, although, I'd take a 30 inch waist too! Chat with you all soon! No, really.

Starting:                        227
Last:                             198.6
Current:                       213.8
7-Month +/-:                +5.2
Total +/-:                      -13.8
Starting Dress Size:     18/20
Current Dress Size:     16/18